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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 26, 2024 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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not a book club. get it together. chris from paris, texas. cnn must be racist if they think black voters can be -- if you use your infant daughter to support you, you are not a man. s pas save the ice cream for vacation, he is always on vacation. pay attention. charlie from rutherford, new jersey. looked so young. one piece of advice, oh god, maybe eat more ice cream. this is my world. >> sean: we start with a fox
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news alert. hazmat team seen at donald trump jr.'s home in florida tonight after envelope reportedly send with unknown white powder inside. matt fin, what is the latest? >> >> finn: envelope with a suspicious white substance causing massive energy response. workers in white hazmat suits inside of trump jr.'s home. fire and rescue trucks on the scene. results of the substance came up inconclusive. officials do not consider it deadly. daily beast, trump jr. opened the envelope causing the white powdery substance to fly out. this is the second envelope
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mailed to him in recent years. haters will largely gloss over this incident and media will barely flinch, john? >> >> hannity: i had a very scary experience once, turned out to be nothing. when you don't know it is chilling. thank you, matt. joe biden falls far behind donald trump. donald trump needs nationwide by six points. biden's disastrous open border's agenda reeking havoc according to a new poll. illegal immigration is a very serious problem and gets worse. another poll released just last week. 26% of americans approve on joe biden's job on immigration.
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joe biden worked to undo every single trumper -- trump er ra policy handed to him. joe biden revoked donald trump's efforts to exclude illegal immigrants. strengthened daca, stopped all border wall instruction. remain in mexico policy, asylum agreements, title 42 expire. he can reinstate all of those policys is just as simply, just as easily as he undid them with a stroke of a pen. after years of aids and abedding, southern border, white house announced biden, out of nowhere going to visit the border for just the second time.
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first time, i would argue wasn't a visit. it is going to happen this thursday. how convenient. same day former president touring the border himself. major announcement on this front later in this show. biden white house telling the american people just like they tell the american people, joe does more in an hour than average american does in an entire day. anyone believe that? or i never spoke to hunter, my brother about foreign business deals. biggest lie about the border. border closed. border secure. said it over and over again. shall we remind you. >> sounds like a crisis. >> look. way down now. now gotten control. >> precisely that. border closed. >> clear and continue to be. border closed.
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>> united states will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. >> border, we are working to make the border more secured. >> you are confident this border is secure? >> we have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation including ours and our administration. >> we agree that the border is secure. >> hannity: they have been pushing that lie to you in four years. only now has that evolved to blames republicans, i have done everything i can do. why wouldn't republicans help me? he and my yor kis and kamala harris blame republicans for the problems. >> do you bear responsibility, president himself called a
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crisis. >> certainly is a crisis. we don't bear responsibility for a broken system. doing a tremendous amount within a broken system. fundamentally, congress is the only one that can fix it. >> hannity: you caused the problem. donald trump now surging ahead of biden in nearly every key swing state. michigan and wisconsin and north carolina, arizona, georgia. first here with a lot more fox news white house correspondent,
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pete pete hegseth -- peter due si. we have been told over and over again. every spokes person that the border is closed, secured. didn't we hear that for three years? now all the sudden it is republican's fault and a mess now and they won't help him? >> we did hear that over and over. a lot changed in 14-15 months since i asked present biden before he flew out why he was going to border state. he told me more important things going on. recently you talked to people at the white house, biden campaign. they would list no. 1 issue in this election coming up, being cost of living or economy. this trip seems to be admission, they have realized they cannot win e election without fixing what is happening at the border.
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there is a lot of talk among democrats how this is not a political issue. they have to get the politics out to fix it. what we are going to see thursday from trump and present biden. he is going to talk about how it is on republicans to get urgency behind them and pass this bipar san senate deal. talking to republican governors on friday, they said they didn't see a point in present biden continuing to focus on that bipartisan senate deal. republicans helped negotiate it. it is debt right now. donald trump put enough pressure on republicans to kill the bill. that package is dead. what lawmakers want to see other
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things, present biden can do. we know before the state of the union next week. restricting who can ask for asylum and where at the border. the place he is going to go according to teams is a sector, rio grand sector, where things are dead, only three four hundred encounters a day. other place two thousand, four thousand. something else funny to see present biden at the ice cream shop in new york, fundraising, he said he was always going to go to the border and didn't know his good friend donald trump would be there.
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>> hannity: sort of like east palestine, year later he comes. three years late. three years of documented lies how the border closed and secure in spite of what our eyes were showing us. we were showing the audience. pretty unbelievable. see you in texas thursday. pe peter doocy, thank you. you the american people have been feeling deadly effects for years. ice confirming suspect in the murder of this augusta medical college nursing student laken riley, entered united states illegally. we had a chance to deport him that didn't happen in the
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sanctuary city. former president did react to the news of riley's murder. blaming it on the border. cops beaten in time square from venezuela in the country illegally. they got let go of by bragg. they got to flee sanctuary city of new york to head to california after flipping people of new york a double bird. since when could states and cities codify into law policies on the federal level illegal. because of joe biden and joe biden alone, nearly 10 million illegal unvetted immigrants roaming this country including
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thousands from top go political foes. over 12,000 from russia. iran, no. 1 state sponsor. egypt home of muslim brotherhood. afghanistan seeing emergents of al-qaeda. exacerbating violent crime surge. according to border patrol data. former president only 11 criminal non citizens arrested for homicide and manslaughter. surged to 165. similarly under -- meanwhile new york city reeling from the consequences of joe biden's open
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border crisis. illegal immigrant bike club outside a shelter in queens. a 17 year old stabbed in a brawl near time square at an illegal shelter. might remember this, take a look. >> i think there is no question, we have to critically reexam ice and its role and the way it is being administered and start from scratch. >> i don't think ice -- i believe it has become deportation force. i think you should separate criminal justice from immigration and reimagine ice. >> too aggressive and over the
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top and lost its course and replace with something sensible, practical. one that is more human. >> we need to rebuild immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ice with something that reflects our morality. >> we can replace it with human agency. >> hannity: might recall vice president, senator harris compared ice to kkk. >> plan is a domestic terrorist group? >> because they tried to use fear and force to change political environment. >> what was the motivation? >> based on race and ethnicity. >> are you aware of the
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perception of many how the power and discretion that ice is used to enforce the laws? do you see any parallels? >> e do not see parallels -- >> talking about perception. >> are you aware there is a perception -- >> are you aware there is a perception. >> puts them in the same category of kkk. >> hannity: might remember, take a look. >> should someone here without documents. that is his only defense should they be deported. >> that person should not be the focus of deportation. >> what would you bring to ice?
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>> if they stepped over my executive order, only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that is committed. i don't count drunk and driving as a felony. first 100 days, no one will be deported at all. only deportations are commissions of felonies in the united states of america. >> so to be clear, only felons get deported? >> period. >> hannity: chaos at the border and deadly consequences, sadly all preventable. as they were with everything. this administration once again is a day late, dollar short. here with reaction texas senator ted cruz. i think the thing i resent the most, they are flat out lying. republicans passed hr 1.
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that is not a border security bill, your reaction. >> i listened to that rhetoric from the campaigns. crisis unfolding is what joe biden believes and intends to continue doing. everyday biden body bags building up and more and more people dying, children brutalized, more women sexually assaulted. joe biden, kamala harris, chuck schumer. they do not care. this is deliberated. you talk about laken riley, beautiful 22-year-old nurse hg student in georgia mirded. murdered. direct result by joe biden and democrats. venezuelan murder. came in illegally. biden administration appear he
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-- apprehended. murder goes to new york city. arrested for endangering safety of a child. what happens? democrats in new york let him go and don't inform federal officials. new york city is proudly a sanctuary city. let him go again. comes to georgia and murders that young woman. just played joe biden, we are not going to deport any illegal that commits drunk driving. why is it that dem proudly saying we want criminals who drive drunk here. what they are saying, it is offensive. it is harmful. it is dangerous. it is a cynical politics that puts partisan gain above
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protecting lives and safety of american citizens. >> senator, you have been down there so often. when ta had kids in cages middle of pandemic. they wouldn't allow my cameras. we have been talking about this, showing images three years. now all the sudden border they told us for three years secure and closed. now republican's fault. okay. does that, i guess, verbal jujutsu work? that is incomprehensible to me. >> look, i don't think it is going to work. nobody with an iq above room temperature is going to believe the democrats latest blame. remember when joe biden became
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president, inherited lowest amount of immigration. highest rate of illegal immigration. when donald trump is re-elected in november, when he comes back in january, numbers will plummet again. you talk about going to the words -- southern border. i did -- in texas, democrats and republicans can work together reasonably. nobody in south texas can defend what is happening at our border. there are not democrats who can defend it. when you see the dead bodies, women and children brutalizing and dying of drug overdose. yesterday at the border,
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anything to say to border, i said come to the border. i am here to predict he will hide every illegal immigrant and put on a photo hop. >> hannity: day late dollar short, three plus years late. republicans fault. his policies. can't make it up senator. only in dees. we appreciate you being with us. big announcement as it relates to the border coming up. biden's blunders continue to get worse and worse and defend their cognitively presidential candidate, straight ahead. the day you ge ♪♪ makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... mm.
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>> hannity: dem deps democrats so worried about joe biden's decline. they don't want you to believe your lying eyes and ears. jim clyburn trying to make excuse. >> something wrong with trump. all of that meandering he was going today never see reporting on that. joe biden, a guy who stuttered all of his childhood into adulthood. everybody know what caused speech impediment.
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nothing to do with his brain. he stumbled everyone says he is too old. franklin d. roosevelt in a wheelchair, didn't bother his brain. >> hn >> hannity: you can compare biden. california governor, gavin newson. it is because of his age he is so successful. we have the bipartisan accomplishments and leadership, so the opportunity to express
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that for four more years, what a gift for american people and democrats and leader of the party, joe biden. >> hannity: okay. i don't think many will buy that. governor newsom republicans give rapist more rights than families giving ivf. all you need to do is watch joe. this is his latest blunders. >> standing here in front of this portrait of a man behind me here, he said, i want to get the quote exactly right -- the better ingres el, he said, we mustards -- mustards better
6:29 pm
angels, we are not enemies, we are friends -- civil war. not enemies, folks, i have been a long while. >> hannity: former president donald trump has a positive favorable rating. joe biden 11 points underwater. kellyanne conway, that did not seem, could barely hear through the mumbling joe biden give the quote. he got it wrong. same typical day for joe. >> clyburn and newsom seem nervous about the hand democrats
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party is dealt. sean, not joe biden's childhood stuttering it is his muttering. i would tell you this is baked in his approval and favorability. both horrible for joe biden. he has the worst three-year consecutive pattern of any president fromthor party since world war ii. last time he had approval rating, august 2021. before unnecessary afghanistan pullout. he never recovered from that. if people thought the dmi was gray and safe in the neighborhoods, border secure. didn't feel so insecure and everyday life so unaffordable.
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they would pretend his -- his approval ratings on foreign policy, israel-mohammed ham -- hamas war. worst among democrats came out this week on israel-hamas and immigration. one new issue. one he inherited. >> hannity: usually for sitting president to be re-elected, they have to be at 50%. 86% think he is way too old to run for another term.
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american people screaming at the democratic party this guy is not qualified for office. yet send out james clyburn tgavin newsom willing to say something not true to defend him. how is that going to work out? >> that is not going to work out well when you look at the numbers of what voters care about. increasingly, economy and gas prices. increasingly illegal immigration and crime. what is so interesting to listen to jim clyburn. so quick to try to defend him about all of the mental mess every speech he gives is. i think the reason they are so quick to talk about that,
6:33 pm
literally, they would rather talk about that than any of the issues. issues are just that terrible as ke kellyanne laid out there. issue of immigration and people are dying. literally dying as a direct result of joe biden's policies. 2020, joe biden and all the democrats, raised their hand and said they favored giving free health care to illegal aliens, free health care. now they are reaping what joe biden and democrats sow. >> hannity: are you better off than four years ago? pretty fundamental. kellyanne, thank you. charlie hurt, thank you. biden is now blaming food
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companies and greedy food companies and shrinkflation. i can't wait too get reaction from john kennedy. i could actually listen to him for hours on end. straight ahead.
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>> hannity: i think you are going to love this one, joe biden declared new public enemy one, shrinkflation. fewer items placed in containers, price remains the same. fewer chips in a bag. he introduced a commercial and will bring it up state of the union. why the sudden focus on the so called issue?
6:39 pm
everything you buy is too expensive especially food. thought he was bragging on biden no, bide -- americans are spending more on food than any other point in the past 30 years, 1994. louisiana senator john kennedy. blame big oil, big business, border isn't his fault. border safe and secure, now republican's fault. when you think of this number, americans spend more on food,
6:40 pm
more of the income on food than any over point in the past 30 years, senator, those people see and feel the real impact of bidenomics in real time. will they get away with this shifting of blame? >> sean, i did noted think president obama was a very good president. compared to present biden, president obama shoplifted. shrinkflation exists when a business needs to raise prices because costs have gone up as a result of inflation. it is scared to raise prices. saves money by making a smaller
6:41 pm
product. unless you were home schooled bay day drinker, you can see shrinkflation and inflation different sides of the same coin. any reputable economist will tell you present biden's caused inflation and shrinkflation. i don't hate anyone, includes problem problem. when he tries to blame shrinkflation you have to consider the source, so much of the attention right now on present biden's age. it is true that it takes longer than a trip to jupiter for him to walk across the stage. can't lose site of the fact his
6:42 pm
economic policies have been almost every time reliable bli and depend bli wrong. his inflation is a cancer on the american dream. if you believe the polls, president polling with chlamydia >> hannity: senator, california is suing oil companies, highest gas prices. joe biden talked about doing the same thing. going after big business and coin a new term shrinkflation. they want to blame everybody but themselves. when do they say the buck stops here? i don't think we'll take
6:43 pm
responsibility. caused 60% of the american people to live paycheck to paycheck. how do they shift away from that frame? >> look, it is time we are honest with ourselves, sean. this president's election, president trump vs. present bi biden. choice between hope and more hurt. with present biden all we are going to get is more hurt. starting with cost of grocery store. continuing on with crime in the streets. the opening bleeding wound at the border. fact that our enemies no longer respect us. sacrifice of our energy independence. it has been a congro line of
6:44 pm
failures. that is the way the american people see it. american people maybe poorer under present biden. they are not stupid. they figured this out. >> hannity: polls show that. polls show joe losing a large base. do you think that holds? >> i think a large part of the democratic party will stay home. that is what happens when a voter is not enthusiastic about his or her candidate. election held today. i think president trump's would turn out and present biden result in lower turn out for his base. >> hannity: you donald trump
6:45 pm
could -- >> choice between hope and more hurt. people think back to how their lives were under president trump and compare them to today, i think they'll vote accordingly. >> hannity: senator kennedy, always great to have you. thank you for being with us. coming back, left outrage to comments donald trump made and latest updates on trump's court battles as wi continue. like your workplace benefits and retirement savings. voya helps you choose the right amounts without over or under investing across all your benefits and savings options. so you can feel confident in your financial choices. ♪ they really know how to put two and two together. voya, well planned, well invested, well protected.
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i'm katie porter and i approve this message. he's the hundred-percent pro-trump candidate for u.s. senate: republican eric early. always supports trump and the maga agenda. republican eric early. endorsed by the california pro-life council... ...opposed to all abortion. and eric early loves the second amendment. eric early. way more dangerous than steve garvey.
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he dodges trump. garvey even said he might vote for biden. republican eric early for u.s. senate. too maga. too trump. too dangerous. >> hannity: today we have two updates on trump's legal battles out of new york, appealed judge ruling found him lieable 350
6:50 pm
million dollars in damages civil fraud case. no victim at all whatsoever. also today, manhattan district attorney alvin bragg, he requested a gag order on former president criminal case set to begin later this month. left coming after donald trump. made comments at a gala friday, his indictments may have appeal -- boosted his appeal to african-american voters. >> they viewed me as i am being discriminated against. i think that is why the black people are so much on my side, what is happening to me happens
6:51 pm
to them, does that make sense? >> hannity: for years democrats talk about how african-americans get harsher sentences. >> studies show african-americans more likely than whites to be arrested, pros prosecuted, wrongfully convicted and har harsher sentences. >> black men get harsher sentences. >> >> hannity: here with reaction, kohnman, tried to watch your appearance this weekend. difficult. you got interrupted every three seconds when you try to give an answer.
6:52 pm
donald trump show ing in major polls, double digit with african-american people in this country. sen sentence -- points elizabeth warren herself making. that is how i took those comments. i thought you were trying to say you felt the same way? >> good to be with you sean. i think the reason why you have black voters, joe biden is an abject disaster. donald trump did a great job as president. every demographic group did better. border is a mess, we are laughed about around the globe, enemies on the move. people want real leadership back in the white house. no matter what the tweets said.
6:53 pm
donald trump did that job. miscarriage of justice, people looking at this situation, man, if he is this bad and government after him, he has to be doing something right, joe biden absol absolute disaster. >> ha >> hannity: let's get your reaction, tommy? >> i will say this, for the forgotten american, what donald trump is going through resonates with everyday americans. we see pay to play scheme, hunter biden and laptop and laws not applied to joe biden. forgotten american looking at donald trump, indictments one, two, three, four.
6:54 pm
if it can happen to donald trump it can happen to me. after the mug shot in georgia. it wasn't donald trump. there were black voters saying it resonated with black voters. he is doing well with the black community and hopes it will continue. people that want to get outraged, they don't like donald trump. they are going to get outraged it doesn't matter, you know that, sean. >> >> hannity: congressman, how are the school systems in a lot of school systems and cities in america? how is the issue in law and order in this country. who has been hurt the most by joe biden's policies, by trump, didn't he shatter every record,
6:55 pm
hispanic americans, asian americans, women in the work place, african-american youth unemployment. didn't that happen? or is my memory like joes? >> memory great, sean. schools inner city failing a long time. democrats control. then you have this open border crisis created by joe biden and democrats. you are moving migrant children into schools, little to no schooling. who do the resources leave. they are trying to catch up migrant kids, black, brown, they are already behind. progressives in the blue states kept them out of classrooms. donald trump has the solution for what ails america. haun >> ha
6:56 pm
>> hannity: congressman, great to have you back, tommy you as well. after this break, a big announcement straight ahead. is she? playing with the confidence of a pro and getting all up in that grass as if she doesn't have allergies? yeah. nice.
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♪ ♪ >> big programming announcement. this thursday we will head to eagle pass, shelby park, texas, and we will be with former president donald trump at the border, and it's happening this thursday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. joe is going to be down there for kind of the first time. maybe he'd like to join us. that would be awesome. joe, you are welcome. we'd love to have you, if you can function for long enough. that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. why cannot greg gutfeld standing by to put a smile on your face. have a great night. ♪ ♪